Costco – to join or not to join?

20180312_113800The reason I decided to re-join Costco was that the savings I will get on my prescription pay for my Costco membership.  Costco also has an online pharmacy you can use to you get your drugs delivered to your mailbox.  No need to go to the store!! Which eliminates temptation! They cost the same as in the store.

You don’t need a membership to use their pharmacy online or in the store.  Maybe you are paying to much for the medications you use?

You can always give them a call and see what their price is.

One way to get a free membership is by signing up for their new Visa card.

One of the best things at Costco is the hot dog that is with a soda is super cheap. The hot dog is huge, so you really don’t need chips or anything else. Also, their pizza from the snack shop is delicious.

Many people rave about Kirkland products. My friend told me about their paper towels – they don’t STREAK!  One of my pet peeves streaky windows after cleaning!

I do not have children, but I have heard their diapers are fantastic too!

Their batteries are made by Duracell.  You will be saving yourself some money by buying the brand.

Costco has a new two day delivery on certain items. It cost more than going to the store. But if you’re like me, you buy things you don’t need when you go into Costco!

The other reason I love Costco is their return policy!  Did anyone hear about the person who returned a dead Christmas tree after Christmas and got a refund!??? But I have used it for items I’ve tried but just didn’t like.

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