Hobby Lobby – Don’t ever pay full price

Hobby Lobby’s home office is in Oklahoma City, OK. So when I lived there, they were super easy to get into. Also, they were in a lot of locations that were in their own building. Now that I moved back to Western Massachusetts they have one at the Holyoke Mall and on in Manchester Ct. The most accessible entrance is by Sears. You can walk through sears bottom level, and it’s right there. Manchester’s has its own building super easy to walk into.

I have a loath love relationship with the store. I love all of their stuff! It’s tough for me to figure out what item I like the best. They have a great refund policy so if you can’t decide in the store just return it. My friend got married and didn’t use some of the stuff she bought, so she returned a lot of it. Keep your receipts. They change stuff out all the time. The lights are so bright in the store the item may look different when you get home.

Their website prices are the same as in store. Talking about prices – DON’T EVER PAY FULL PRICE. I have no idea why – but Hobby Lobby almost has every item on sale half price through the month. So wait – if you can’t wait – then use their 40 percent off coupon. You can’t combine this with any other discounts. Their furniture is always 30 percent off, and I have never seen it any lower than 30 percent. Look at the weekly ad sale flyer below.


Self-control is really needed when shopping in Hobby Lobby. I will buy everything! Almost my whole living room is decorated with Hobby Lobby! But really when the items are 50 percent off throughout the month, the deals are amazing! The shelf, candle holder wall piece are all Hobby Lobby.

Their music is Christian music from summer camp! So enjoy reminiscing when shopping! This is owned by a Christian Company so they are closed on Sunday’s and at 8pm. This allows their employees to be home with their families at a reasonable hour.


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