I lost 20 pounds through Weight Watchers

Yup that title is correct!!!!! I lost 20 pounds! It wasn’t easy, but I will share with you how I did it! My neighbor told me my face is slimmer.

I have been going through menopause the last five years and gained 25 plus pounds. I lost a few pounds on my own but would quickly gain almost all of it back. Then I got to my cholesterol level, and they were high. So I decided to try Weight Watchers online, people told me it worked for them, and it was hard, but I lost 3 pounds the first week.

I’ve had a lot of stress plus Thanksgiving – Christmas – Easter did not help at all.

I used their Smart Point system. Then they changed their Smart Point to Freestyle, and I was so upset! I do not do well with the unlimited amount of food allowed in a program. Weight Watchers forums are no longer they replaced it with an Instagram type of app. To me it was confusing. I did enjoy seeing other people succeed and also could empathize with people struggling. It gave me encouragement to keep doing what I was doing – until they changed to Freestyle.

So I looked online and found a FREE app that allows me to stay on the program.


They have a lot of different weight watcher programs on it. It’s amazing! I didn’t buy any additional programs on the app since you can google restaurants and get the points that way.

The most significant thing I did was give up soda. I didn’t even drink diet soda. I have heard of people trying weight watchers drinking diet soda and not losing weight. Once they gave up the diet soda, they lost the weight.

I am so thankful and shocked to see this weight loss. My ultimate goal would be to lose another 16.

I’m gonna do a part 2 on my favorite foods that go me through.

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