Clearing the tub and sink drain – can it be as simple as using your plunger?

Living in a town that has drain problems I was constantly getting some kind of drain cleaner to clear the sink and bathtub drains. Or when it was horrible calling a drain guy. That’s all I knew and this can be costly.

Then someone showed me how to use a plunger to clear the sink and tub! It’s not just for the toilet! It worked!  If you have an old style sink like I do make sure you put a cloth in it or you will get ugly backsplash.

On our local forums, I read some people use Kleer Drain. I bought one but didn’t do anything.  But pushing a plunger a couple of time clears the clogged drain.  I have to do it every couple of weeks.  It’s great not to have to buy one more thing to take care of my house.

Plunger unclogs sink and bathtub



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