Christian Yoga

I first experienced yoga in Oklahoma City (OKC). I was nervous going to my first class because I knew the beliefs system was different than mine.  I learned as a Christian I can go to yoga just keep my mind on Jesus throughout the class.

Since I have fibromyalgia (fibro) I wasn’t sure how my body would do with yoga. I heard a lot of people say it helped them. But I’ve tried a lot of things that worked for some people and never worked for me. I was so glad other found a place of either healing or it just helped them get through the fibromyalgia.

After going to classes for six weeks I learned the basics as best as I could. I do feel the yoga helped my fibro.  It wasn’t a cure for me but it made me feel a little better.  My only problem is it hurt so much while I was taking it. I would take other classes for months and it still had so much pain.

I started going to a Holy Yoga class in OKC and really enjoyed it. It was filled with love for Jesus. They offer classes online so I was able to take it with me to Western Massachusetts but it was commerson since I couldn’t watch it on TV.

Last year I found the same teaching on Youtube. Our cable company has Youtube through their cable box. Through Caroline Williams, I was able to complete a six weeks beginner class. Still super painful but I do it at my own pace.  Here is her link to Youtube  –

If you are thinking of starting yoga make sure you attend a class in person. Take a beginner to get the basics. My friend and I usually would find a Groupon deal online and do it together.  Then we actually would do it at my home. She would bring over her mat and we would watch a DVD to complete the class together. My dog and cat wanted to join in!

You might be able to attend a Holy Yoga class in person.  Here is the link

I need to start doing yoga again!

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