Amazon broke up with me 4 years ago! Here is what I did to replace them.

Amazon has raised their prices to $119 this past May.

I use to be an lover!  I would buy so much stuff from them.  Well, I guess I did too many returns, and they canceled my account. I emailed them to take me back. Kohls, Target, and Walmart didn’t have a problem with my returns.  It seems like Amazon’s reaction was extreme. Also, I don’t ever remember them warning me. It’s like when someone blocks you on Facebook to never hear from them again.

My friend told me – it’s most likely for the best – maybe I wouldn’t spend so much.

How did I go on without

Libraries are amazing and my favorite word FREE!  Recently I was able to request a book they didn’t have!  Wow – thanks to all the libraries.  Also, many libraries are getting into streaming services. So it will be just as easy as the Kindle is.  The library is also a great place to get DVDs. All for FREE!  My only problem is remembering to return them. If you don’t return them on time you will have to pay a fine. But I just look at it as a donation to a charity I use!

I found other sites that were pretty comparable to

One of my favorite replacement’s is  They have free two-day shipping if you spend over 50 dollars. Not just that – their return policy is fantastic. I was trying the new food for my cat, and he didn’t take to it well – it was prescription and about $70.  I chatted with their customer service online, and they immediately refunded my card.  All they want you to do is donate it!  I was like – sure – I can do that!  I’ve done it for other items too – they don’t care how much it cost – they want their customers happy. is another website that has free two days shipping if you spend $50 – again excellent customer service.  I keep trying new stuff, and if it doesn’t work at least, I know will refund me.

If you sign up for Target red card, you can get free shipping. Not super fast but hey it’s free!  Plus you get 5 percent off your purchase.  Some items you need to have your cart be $25 to get the free shipping.

Walmart now has free shipping if you spend $35. I did notice Walmart is a little more expensive on some items. But they do pack their items better than Target.

I did sign up for a different account with Amazon using my Gmail account, but I won’t ever be an amazon prime member again. And I hardly ever use it.

So if you got booted from – what would you do??????????????

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Amazon Broke up with me

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