Buying discounted gift cards online – do they work? My 2 Starbucks experience!

I love saving money!  Who doesn’t????  Online I’ve seen discounted gift cards but I was nervous using them.  I was thinking do they actually work?

So I tried  I ordered a $100 dollar gift card for Starbucks and only paid $88.50. Stop judging me!  I love my Starbucks!  And use it as a prize when I go to my doctor appointments and finish my school work and other stuff!

I received 3 emails from Card Cash one had an attachment that I opened.  The attachment had the card number and activation number.  And it worked!!!!!!

So I was getting down to about $15 dollars on my Starbucks app and decided to buy another card from Card Cash.  This time the card didn’t work. I was so upset. So I sent an email and I’m them on their Facebook page. It was Labor Day weekend so I didn’t get a response until Monday.  They refunded me the total amount. So I decided to buy other Starbuck cards since they do have a great customer service and refund policy! It works! So I saved $10 off a $100 dollar purchase!

My advice don’t buy a card until you are ready to use it. Then if it doesn’t work you can immediately get in touch with them on Facebook.  Also, I would not buy them as gifts just in case it doesn’t work.  The person might not tell you it doesn’t work.  You could buy a gift card then buy the physical gift.

Photo by Rebecca Aldama on Unsplash

Starbuck gift Card

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