Why do I use an at-home vet?

I try to be a pretty thrifty person always looking for the best deal. Using an at-home vet for me was not necessarily a financially smart move, but it was a physical and emotional smart move for me.

I recently got a new dog who is 7 her name is Jasmin.


I have fibromyalgia, so everything hurts.  I decided to use an at-home vet which allows me to avoid stressing my body.  If I worked, I think I would use an at-home vet too.  It is so much less stress for the animals and humans!

I ended up using Dr. Lisa Peterson because I didn’t like the previous at-home vet.   Dr. Lisa talks to me her client to make sure the I understand, and I am making the best decision for my pets. She will educate me and give me her opinion. She is extremely compassionate and is great at talking or texting on the phone. I prefer texting, but sometimes I do need to talk to her.

All of my animals loved her because she brought them treats!

Her website is right below


She also works hours at Southwick VCA on Friday.

Putting Baxter was the first dog I ever had to let go. She talked to me for days because I would keep changing my mind. Then when I made it up, she scheduled it quick. I want to say the next day.  She came to my home and put soothing music on. She talked me through the process telling me when she was going to put him down.  She let me have as much time with them as possible.  She took Baxter with her and brought me back his ashes with a paw imprint.

I will continue to use Dr. Lisa whether it be in my home or at Southwick VCA:)

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4 thoughts on “Why do I use an at-home vet?”

  1. I absolutely LOVE the relationship God’s given to us through our pets. They are so special! And thank God for veterinarians who still make house calls! Love it!

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  2. Almost a year ago I needed to put down my service dog Gabriel. I had accidentally given the impression to the vet we used in a building and we came in and they had blankets and they were going to put him down right there and I said wait wait wait now we’re just following up I’m not ready just yet! And I didn’t like the idea of it being in one of those cold sterile rooms, and then there was the cat that was Gabriel’s best friend. How is he going to know what happened to Gabriel! Our experience with the at home vet in the Clermont Florida area was amazing! I would do it over again and over again in any situation where I need that! For all the same reasons that you shared!


    1. I am so sorry you had to let your service dog Gabriel go. She also let my cat go too. I did use a regular vet hospital to let my Abe go this summer. They were amazing but have not been with other issues. I would use them if I needed to but I think Jasmine will do a lot better in her new home rather than a vet.


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