Free Hotel Rooms

Free Hotel rooms – YES PLEASE!

I love staying at Hampton Inn because the beds are so comfortable plus you get a free breakfast in the morning. The breakfast bar is large with eggs, toast, bagels and make your own waffles.  Plus an assortment of other food. If you don’t have time for breakfast they have to go bags that you can take.

If you are going to try and use credit cards to get free hotel rooms, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.  The most important is the credit needs to be paid off every month. It does not make any sense getting a credit card for free hotel rooms and then pay interest.

Hilton Honor is my favorite credit card for free hotel rooms. Hilton Honor has four different credit cards through American Express that you can use to stay free! I love free!  There are only two I would actually use because the other two are too much money a year.  I try to stay away from any credit card that will have an annual fee unless it is a Hilton Honors. I signed up for the Hilton Honor Ascent card.  You pay $95 but get 125000 free after spending $2000 on the card.

Breaking that down – there are times I can get a hotel room for 25000-35000 points. So that could be five days or less. Also, this summer I had planned a trip to Nashville and the hotel was stay 5 with Hilton Honor points and get the six night free. That is a great deal!   I do not pay anything, but it does depend on the town you are staying. Different town and hotels have different rules.  Make sure you pay attention to the fine print.  I cannot tell you how many lessons I have learned when I do not and by lessons, I mean paying money.

Once you have paid off the $2000 cancel that card and then get the next Hilton Honors card that has no annual fee.   Now you get another 75000 bonus points and no annual fee. I would wait for the sixth month to do this. Also, I was given a refund for part of the annual fee when I canceled my American Express ascend card.  I did not expect that, so that was a nice bonus.

What is your favorite hotel?  Where do you like to travel?

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