Big Y app – FREE M&M Tablet bar

Big Y has an app that is great and easy to use! The easiest to get the app is to download the Big Y app on your phone. Then create a digital account using your last name and Big Y card number. If you do not have a Big Y card then you can sign up for the account on the app too.

You can also sign up using their website right below.

The M&M Tablet bar is free without any other coupons needed. Just put the digital coupon on the card.

I just wanted to try and see if the overages would go to the other my final bill and it did!  Today I bought 5 items for 1.03 at Big Y!

I am able to use clipped coupons that I found online at and coupons on the app! Any overages are used toward the rest of the bill.

Hint before they start ringing hand them the card on the app.



Thanks to ppp at  and

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