Hacking Life: What Do You Do When Your Heart is Broken?

Recently Pandora Box Gazette had a makeover and became Mustard Seed Sentinel!  I love the new same and so thankful to be part of the contributors!

My first article is on my Broken Heart and how God got me through!  So thankful!

Hacking Life What Do You Do When Your Heart is Broken

I was embarrassed to share but that’s one of the reasons I did.


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7 thoughts on “Hacking Life: What Do You Do When Your Heart is Broken?”

  1. Is sad this culture based on sharing everything with everyone then it hurts when people we meet on Facebook Instagram or other Avenues hurt us. I prefer to have very little contact on media except here. Jesus is my first love and His Spirit guided me away from social media. I check my daughter’ s page once a month if that. I find social media RUINS relationships.


  2. Dont take this personal but i dont think god have anything to do with it…why ? Well i dont want to put GOD words what been made by US or by our doing. We made our choices and been hurt BADLY well i was left with a child and i never sad GOD PLZ HELP ME also my father died witch my soul made by stone for now but still emotional broken. I am christian i holding a little cross that get from my sons birthday and i believe in everything…but one thing i know that the GOD have nothing to do with it. We have to accept and make tomorrow a better day and go strong, who knows what is awaiting next. Also good article 🙂 and no offense 🙂


    1. Luka my faith is different than those and I appreciate you sharing your pain. I do disagree with you and that’s ok. This incident happened right after so much hurt and pain and at first, I was done. I was shocked this was happening – AGAIN. That was it! But I had people praying for me and I got through it. I am so surprised I did and I do give the credit to Jesus and I always try to because I know without him I will be nothing and had given up my life.

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      1. Of course, religion can save you that why we all say ”Have Faith” is it 🙂 somehow we all have the paths that dont know where it leads with god or without him…still we all have the destiny where god wont hear our prayers but the faith in him can be weary helpfull 🙂

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  3. This happened over a month ago – I was not saying positive things at that time. But I have this one friend who is so wise and comes with the right words. So I was able to share with her and she did not come back with the same things others say. But I do have friends that knew me in different time periods that were able to encourage me. I am thankful to all of them – now. And I thank Jesus for them!


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