Walmart Groceries FREE Home Deliveries!!!

Walmart Grocery is offering FREE delivery in some areas using the code HOMEFREE for the rest of October.  This is different than the regular site. Find out if you are in the area buy looking here I am in the area and it is amazing!  I ordered what I needed the night before – of course, I forgot some things so I had to add it to the order which is really easy. I was able to until late the next morning.

I received the order within 20 minutes of being alerted it was on its way.  At this time I was given an update on the items that were actually able to be delivered. So I knew what had been filled before I received the items.

The delivery person was not a Walmart employee and the delivery was missing 4 items. The delivery person said they do not even know what I ordered. The Walmart person loads the bags in their car and then they are off for delivery.  I did tip her because she brought the items to my garage and she was super nice!

I contacted Walmart through their chat system and told them about the missing items that I was charged.  They gave me a credit and then gave me a discount code for my next order.  Again really easy once I found the chat.

I hope you can use the HOMEFREE code!

It was hard to find a phone number but they did have chat available.

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