Bucket List?!?!

I moved back to Oklahoma City at the end of June this year. The cold was just too much for me.  Jasmine and I had to live in a hotel until my house sold in Massachusetts.  It was pretty exhausting just taking her out a few times a day so I really didn’t do much else. I did finish a class but then said I need a break!

I went to service at the church I attend online with some old and new friends. The sermon challenges us to make a Bucket List.  He gave an example of an item on his bucket list that only Jesus could fulfill. And it happened!

I never thought I could actually move again due to all my health problems.  But God provided me a miracle by using my insomnia that I can’t stand but is useful for a 24-hour drive – straight throw. He also gave me new friends – and after my last few friendships that ended so painfully, it is another miracle.

So now I feel I should make a bucket list. My debt was paid off when I sold my house in Massachusetts!  Wow! One other would be to finish my last degree at Liberty University – since the Air Force is paying for it. Another, pay off my house and update it so it is handicap accessible.

Do you have a bucket list? What is on it?

#bucketlist #miracle #moving #payoffdebt #handicap #dreamingwithGod #luo #libertyuniversity

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Photo by energepic.com on Pexels.com

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