Huntington Gene – Falling

So the past few weeks I feel quite a few times – twice I fell on my head.  All my life I have never had a black eye – I grew up in an abusive home and saw plenty on my mom.  I was out with Jasmine and I fell jogging – jogging is like a fast walk for me. I have fallen before but usually on my knees and hands.  I wrote in a previous blog about my speech pathologist stating my swallowing and speech issues were the start of Huntington’s Disease – I knew I was gene positive.

I was going to go to a Center Excellence in Albany but honestly, I keep thinking what are they going to do?  Before I had symptoms I had completed some studies but my body is so sensitive to medication I really don’t know if I would try any drugs.  I was exposed to burn pits when I was stationed in Saudi Arabia that is like agent orange from Vietnam.  I’m just so sick all the time which out having Huntington’s symptoms start.

So I went to the Veteran Administration Hospital ER in Oklahoma City, OK for the first fall. Nothing wrong with my brain – my body just needed to heal. I didn’t tell anyone about the other two but did make an appointment with the Neurologist.  After a week of healing doing the least I could then I tried jogging again. Jogging is horrible and I don’t enjoy it but I didn’t want one more thing I just absolutely could not do.  I drink caffeine before to give my body energy. Jasmine and I have been able to job about a half mile then walk then jog on the way back.

I am so thankful that God gave me the courage to keep trying!   I wanted Jasmine and I to be able to at a jog and she is an amazing dog.

I go see the Okc VA Neurologist on Friday – I don’t have a lot of hope they will be able to do anything.  They do not get a lot of Huntington patients but we will see.

Keep trying to do things – don’t give up! Gods right with you!

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