Black Friday Secrets – is it worth it?!?

I love Black Friday because as we all know I love a deal!  But are Black Friday deals really worth it?  Sometimes if you have been watching an item and it goes on Black Friday then yes it is!  Unfortunately, Black Friday is a lot of work!  Before heading out do your research!

Look at the negative reviews before buying an item on Black Friday.  I have bought items before because they were super cheap – then returned them because they were cheaply made.  Now I am more careful buying on Black Friday.

There are a lot of ads already out in the cyber world.

Hip2save is one of my favorite sites and she has a comparison sheet.  Then go and do your own research just google review on whatever item it is.

Our 2019 Black Friday Price Comparison Cheat Sheet is Here!

Another site that is one of my favorites Passionate Penny Pincher. Here is her link for the 25 best deals for Target.  Again, do your research, there is a reason they are trying to sell these items at a discount.

25 BEST Target Black Friday Sales This Year!

Do you shop on Black Friday? How is your experience?

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3 thoughts on “Black Friday Secrets – is it worth it?!?”

  1. Wow thank you for this! I am planning on searching for the best deals on a couple of items my hubby and I have been looking at. Definitely NOT going out there until Friday this year, even if that means the items might be sold out by then. The last year or two, I went out to a few stores on Thanksgiving Eve and it was not fun.


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