Black Mold?!?! Hacking Life Tip – Get a Second Opinion

I moved into my house at the end of August when I walked through the house I noticed there was a lot of dust on the vents.  I thought this will be a simple solution – just get the ducts and vents cleaned by a duct cleaning company.  I did this when I lived in a house before so I knew. Since I was new to the area again I didn’t know who to use so I bought a Groupon.  That was a mistake.

One thing led to another and I wasn’t able to get scheduled until November.  The guy was abrupt when he came into the house.  He asked to see something and I showed him where the attic space was and then he came back with a picture of what he called black mold. My life has given me a lot of experiences and I knew to call something black mold it actually has to go out and be tested.  There are many forms of mold and there is no way by looking it and taking a picture really close it was going to identify it. So he gave me some estimate that was obviously higher than the Groupon and I asked him to leave.

Then I called a Heat guy I know what then gave me a duct cleaning company.  He told me exactly what I said and also said if I do have mold it is really had to get rid of. He said I would have a leak somewhere and to call heat guy back. I called him back and he came out that day it was not what the other guy had said it was.

Please, EVERYONE, get second or third opinion’s or you could be paying a lot of money plus be extra stressed.  I am so thankful that Jesus lets me vent to Him but also keeps me pushing along for the right answers.

#hackinglife #hacks #secondopinions

photo of kitchen interior
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