Shouldn’t be this hard getting help

I’ve said it before and I will continue to complain.  Maybe someday someone will fix the VA but right now it is a mess.  I wrote about my horrible experience on my Facebook on what happened on Wednesday – I called the suicide hotline because I just didn’t want to go on.  I am so sad all the time then when I put in the effort to get help and the VA makes it so hard – it just feels like no one cares. They forget they only have a job because of me and other veterans who served.  I know why people just give up and stop trying to be seen by anyone.

Today I got a phone call back from social services they call you if you want when you have called the suicide helpline.  The two things I asked for in the 10 pages and two-hour intake was a person who had the ability to due video appointments and the other the person is a Christian. I have found in the past I am defensive about my faith.

The lady on the phone wanted to know my suicide prevention plan and I was not in the mood to explain – again.  The social worker was so focused on that she was missing what was throwing me over the edge and uncaring VA.

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4 thoughts on “Shouldn’t be this hard getting help”

  1. I m truly sad for you and pray you will find strength knowing that you are deeply loved by our Father. If you ever want to you can email me when you need prayers or leave a comment. God bless you. Dont give up I did once and it almost took my life. God saved me and I m glad I m here to tell you. Hugs

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  2. Turkey burger for me and mah 3 doggies alone and I should have reached out to you Melodie! I care and l am close if you ever need help, just an ear or shoulder to listen. call 211 never give into the darkness; especially when POTUS needs you to be a strong christian! Seems we are ‘Twinkies’ with so much in common and must be a a reason we found one another;to find out we were never alone! Please let us visit over that cup of hot chocolate at the new coffee shop on britton & western! Retired jeweler looking to teach trade to veteran free.
    your friend in CHRIST! M.B


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