VA doesn’t make moving easy

I have moved twice in the past five years and both times the VA hospital is a mess. For some reason, they do not make it easy for doctors to see my records.  I can see all my records – I have been seen in Connecticut plus 2 Boston VA hospitals but since my main hospital was in Leeds Massachusetts the doctors really couldn’t see my records.   Even when I went to the Boston VA hospital my main one in Western Massachusetts could not easily access it.

Moving back to Oklahoma City I have to do an intake with Neurology and Rheumatology.  It’s like starting all over again or starting from five years ago.  The Rheumatologist was focused on issues I had five years ago.  He was rude and so was his Intern who I told to look for my last Rheumatologist which was in Connecticut. She told me that is was difficult to do so. Then the doctor argued with me about my hysterectomy making my platelets regular again.

The Neurologist never heard of burn pits which I do think is causing my breathing issues. I think it also caused my Fibromyalgia and other sinus problems.  Burn pits are like Agent Orange for Vietnam.

The VA needs a major upgrade to their system. The doctors should be able to look for my records as easily as I can.  I leave the doctor’s office exhausted, depressed, suicidal and angry just trying to update them.

#veterans #vahospital #veteransneedbettercare #thisiswhatfreegetsyou #depression

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