More Hacks for losing weight or Weight Watchers/WW!

One of the most important parts of my weight loss was due to not drinking soda! It was really sad that I had to give up my soda, and I didn’t even use diet soda. A friend knew someone who was on ww and was following the program but was not losing any weight. As soon as they stopped drinking diet soda, they started losing again.  When I moved and when I was in school, I would drink a coke here a lot more than right now.

I do make my own chai tea latte it is the same as in Starbucks. One trick that makes me feel like I am at Starbucks is I recycle the cups and lids. They come out great in the dishwasher or just hand wash them.  But other than that, I really try and drink water. After years of drinking almost just water, I love the taste! I also tried some Chrystal Light – and I noticed it had a lot of sodium in it!  Be careful of anything other than water.  I also have to take medication, and I saw if I don’t drink a lot or I feel really sick.

The other thing is measuring is so important is measuring. I didn’t realize how much Chai Tea was in my cup. Once I started measuring – I was pretty sad.  Less caffeine! I still use measuring cups, but there are some other weight watchers/WW, or I track bites use a scale.  They say it is actually more accurate and will give you either more or less than the measuring cups. I have noticed I do drop some of my precious chai tea or milk out of my measuring cup, but it’s so small I don’t replace it.

God made each of us so differently, which means one person might be able to drink diet soda and crystal light without any problems.  I noticed when I drink the lemonade Chrystal Light; I wasn’t losing any weight. So try and figure out what works best for you and your body that God created.

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Photo by Drew Willson on Unsplash

30 thoughts on “More Hacks for losing weight or Weight Watchers/WW!”

  1. Switching to water is helping me immensely also! I allow myself a Code Red Mountain Dew or Coke Zero every now and then. But mostly I am drinking water now. And like you, I am liking the taste where I didn’t use to lol. You are doing wonderful on your weight loss journey! Be blessed sweet sister! ❤

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    1. You are so welcome! You might want to replace one drink you regularly drink with water. Then try a second drink….then another. See how far you can go. And for the walking – just try parking further away when you are shopping if you cant get a regular walk.


  2. Great ideas! I agree that the soda was the culprit for me. I also cut out coffee creamer and just add a little bit of sugar on my own. I put in a lot less than the companies put into those creamers.

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  3. Mel, yes, I remember your very strong relationship with Diet Coke!!! Girl, I couldn’t get you to drink water back then, lol. So happy to hear you are on a different track now and that you are losing the weight. I started picking up the habit of drinking these organic soda’s, but you have convicted me to tone it down.

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  4. I know they were awesome! But when I did ww 3 years ago I really stopped drinking them soda. But with school I would drink maybe one coke a day – it just depended. But I am now back to mostly water and chai tea and maybe a Chrystal Light – lemonade but like I said in the post they have sodium and I have to be careful of salt. I almost tried the organic ones but I thought there has to be something in it. And I really enjoy the water and crave it. Due to the meds and my sinus, I have to drink about 64 oz a day more in the winter. Keeps my sinus infections away!


  5. Encouraging & timely post as I try to figure out how to lose weight myself. My body has changed over the years from pregnancy to pregnancy and now that I’m a little older, what worked for me previously, just isn’t working this time around. Thanks for the tips!

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  6. Thankfully I don’t really like soda, but I do drink those crystal lite packets you mentioned a lot. My mom recently pointed out to me the same thing you said about the sodium. I am thinking I need to cut back on those and stick to more water!

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  7. Beautiful!. Thanks for sharing this very encouraging post, I use to like coke but then I stopped liking it…I really can’t tell why 😀. I like how you recycled Starbucks cups too (great trick).
    Your advice on figuring out what works for body is 💯. Through the help of God (Self Control and Discipline) losing weight or achieving any other goal is achievable.

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  8. Thank you for posting this article. I am trying to lose weight and it has been a huge struggle. I think the hardest part for me is sweets. I love brownies and cookies. So far, this week, I havent had either and I am feeling pretty accomplished. My other goal is really just to remember the old saying, everything in moderation. I need to stop having seconds and really watch how much I am eating. Blessings, Joni

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  9. Measuring is my biggest challenge. I’m an average active person. I’m not into sports, but I love to bike ride, hike and walk in beautiful areas. I think I need to start measuring. Thank you for more hacks for losing weight. I have my goals and I really want to reach them! I love this hashtag: #weareallmadedifferentbyGod

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    1. Once i started measuring it made a work of difference. I think just moving is important you do not need to be into sports.


  10. I used to drink a lot of juice as a child – eventually I stopped as they are so sugary too! It took me a while to get used to only drink water, but now I like the taste of it. Water is so much more refreshing that anything.

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  11. I drink mostly water as well. I’ve noticed that as I get older I have less of a sweet tooth and have been avoiding most sweetened drinks. It makes a world of difference in a person’s health.

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