Jesus always provides!

So I’ve been trying to pay off my debt that is why I continue to go to college. I never had any children and had tons of the GI Bill which gives me money every month to go to school.  I don’t like school but getting paid makes it a lot easier to receive a Professors feedback or complete a paper or project.

Anyways, Saturday my car wouldn’t start. I had left the key in an almost on position which drained the batteries.  I have never done this before, but I knew what had happened. So I thought no big deal I have AAA.  Look at my AAA account, and it expired 31 Aug. ugh.

So then I texted my next door neighbor and asked him to give me a jump. Of course, he did, but it took two hours of charging because I had drained it so much. Thankfully I won’t have to replace the battery!

My tv broke this week too which really shouldn’t be a big deal. But I am home all the time, so the TV gets used quite often. I have noticed which the TV being broke I have been working on my social media and blog.  And I still watch shows since I have Xfinity and watch everything on my laptop.

I needed to return some stuff that didn’t work out with Jasmine which ended up being over $180.  Her belly didn’t take well to the nutro that I feed my other dogs. She likes the cheap stuff!  Oh and loves chicken and rice but does not need it!

When things start to break look around at the things God has already given you!  For me, free jump from my neighbor, returning expensive food and lousy bed for Jasmine and working on my blog because my tv is broke!

What had Jesus given you when everything is breaking?